Long-Term Savings Program (SDA)

Long-Term Savings Program (SDA)

The Long-term Savings Program (PDS) began its work in January 2024. PDS is a savings product that will allow citizens to receive additional income in the future or create a "safety cushion" for any purpose. Participation in the program is voluntary.

The long-term savings program can be used by citizens of any age from the moment of coming of age. In addition, a long-term savings agreement can be concluded in favor of your child or any other person, regardless of their age.

Non-governmental pension funds are the operators of the program that ensure the safety and profitability of savings and make payments of these savings.

A person can form savings independently through contributions from personal funds, as well as through previously created pension savings. It is possible to transfer your funds from a pension account to an account under a long-term savings agreement by submitting an application to the NPF. A list of NPFs that have joined the program can be found on the website of the Association of Non-Governmental Pension Funds (http://www.napf.ru/PDS ).

The Program does not provide any requirements for the amount and frequency of contributions paid under the Program. The amount of both the first and subsequent contributions is determined by the citizen independently.

In addition, the employer will also be able to make contributions under the long-term savings program. The funds deposited to the account will be insured for 2.8 million rubles.

The new mechanism provides various incentive measures for the participants of the program, including additional co-financing from the state up to 36 thousand rubles per year. In addition, the participants of the system will be able to issue an annual tax deduction of up to 52 thousand rubles when paying contributions of up to 400 thousand rubles per year.

The generated funds will be invested in OFZ, infrastructure bonds, corporate bonds and other reliable securities. At the same time, a citizen can conclude contracts with several operators.

Savings can be used as additional income after 15 years of participation in the program or upon reaching the age of 55 for women and 60 for men. Funds can be withdrawn at any time, but it is possible to withdraw money ahead of schedule without loss of income in case of special life situations — for expensive treatment or for the education of children.

The funds of citizens under the program are inherited in full, minus the funds paid (except if a lifetime periodic payment is assigned to the participant of the program).

You can learn more about the terms of the program on the My Finances website: https://xn--80apaohbc3aw9e.xn--p1ai/programma-dolgosrochnyh-sberezhenijnew/