Welcome to the Home of the fisherman!

Those who love to go fishing, we invite you to visit the fisherman's House!

Picturesque scenery outside the window beckons to communicate with nature. The fisherman's house is located on the shore of the stocked pond where You can enjoy fishing with a guaranteed catch at any time of the year.

treat yourself to a Stay in the cottages with comfortable rooms for an unforgettable holiday surrounded by nature. It has a Banquet hall, sauna, massage room, tennis. In rainy and windy weather will warm You with its warmth of living fire.

a True pleasure for You will deliver a traditional menu of the fisherman: Tsar, sturgeon fillet baked in sauce with mushrooms, carp stuffed with vegetables, carp baked with cream sauce.

Want a cozy secluded camping — a fisherman's House especially for You!