Bathhouse "In Krasivsky"- where warmly, there and welcome!

Baths — therapeutic hygiene treatments based on the use of hot air in the room in combination with the various hydropathic procedures

Bath procedure causes the expansion of peripheral vessels, increased sweating, and hence the process of shlakovaty. The bathing procedure improves Central hemodynamics, having bronchospasmolytic effect, increases the elasticity of muscles and mobility of joints, has a pronounced sedative effect, increases the adaptive capacity of the organism, mental and physical performance.

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  • tendency to chronic colds,
  • chronic nonspecific diseases of the upper respiratory tract (chronic bronchitis and mild bronchial asthma)
  • violation of peripheral blood circulation (obliterating atherosclerosis, Raynaud's disease, etc.)
  • hypotension and the initial stages of hypertension
  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, pancreatitis, toxic hepatitis)
  • obesity
  • gynoid lipodystrophy (cellulite)
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, etc.)
  • diseases of the genitourinary system (cystitis, adnexitis, etc.)
  • training and hardening of the body
  • stress relief.

Contraindications to the bath procedures:

  • All chronic diseases in decompensation
  • hypertension above 160/100 mm. Hg.St.
  • hyperthyroidism
  • all acute and accompanied by fever diseasethe
  • infectious disease
  • post-thrombotic syndrome
  • labile form of diabetes mellitus
  • epilepsy
  • malignant and benign tumors
  • mental illness
  • skin infections.

In the bath depart all the worries and sickness, not for nothing that in olden time in Russia said: "That day soared, that day is not old". Be aware that the curative effects of baths fully implemented at regular visits 1-2 times a week, and not only the 31 of December!

Steam baths and "dry saunas"

Steam baths (Russian sauna) have relatively low air temperature (45-60 degrees) and high humidity (90-100%); a dry-heat saunas (Finnish sauna), characterized by high temperature (90 degrees) and low relative humidity (10-15%).

a Russian bath and the Finnish sauna ("sauna" in Finnish means "bath")- sisters. The ancestor of the Russian bath and sauna is the same timbered cottage, heated "black." Russians and Finns used the brooms in the procedure of bath, and when warmed up, rushed into the ice or snow. But recently ingrained the presentation and juxtaposition of the wet steam Russian bath dry Finnish sauna. Just is that when visiting the baths, as heat treatments, people should be exposed to more heated air and allows dry air to raise the temperature in the sauna up to 110 - 120 gr., resulting in coverage of more heat and this is believed to be advantage of the sauna. Dry air much easier to breathe.

In the Russian bath higher vapor content and air temperature even at the level of heads does not exceed 60-65 gr. so it more comfortable feel, those who can not tolerate high temperatures.

As in the Russian and Finnish baths the air and need to moisturize, just a different moisture content is achieved by different frequencies of wetting the stones with water.

steam room

Advice to bathers:

  • avoid evaporation in a bad mood, unwell
  • do Not enter the bath immediately after a meal or on an empty stomach, drunk
  • Remove all jewelry, watches, glasses
  • don't drink too much liquid

We offer birch and oak broom. 

Birch twigs helps with aches and pains in muscles and joints after physical exercises, cleans the skin, has a calming effect. His particular merit lies in the extension of broomcorn couple of the bronchi, which promotes the discharge of mucus and improving ventilation.

Oak broom suitable for people with oily skin, making it opaque and elastic, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Aroma of oak prevents the increase in blood pressure in the steam room, calms the nervous system. The attendant will teach You the basic techniques of broom-massage.

Infrared sauna — fun on a heat wave

an Infrared sauna is a great way to relax, to withdraw toxins from the body, raise immunity and, finally, to lose weight.

The largest natural emission of infrared rays is the sun. Its infrared, ultraviolet and visible rays are kinds of electromagnetic radiation. But infrared radiation has earned the title of "rays of life", which is the most useful part of the solar spectrum, without which life is impossible on Earth.

unlike the infrared saunas from traditional Finnish and Russian baths is primarily in the method of heat transfer. In the traditional sauna heat source (hot rocks) is passed through the heated air and enters the body shallow. And infrared heat is not warming the surrounding air, penetrate deep into the body, 4-5 cm, causing the activation of biochemical processes in tissues, sweating. If a conventional bath or sauna sweating is allocated 90% water and 10% salts, in an infrared sauna is 80% water and 20% mineral salts, and the sheer amount of sweat secreted in the office during the session, in 2-3 times exceeds the same indicator for the sauna, despite the fact that the temperature in the Cabinet does not exceed 60g.

an Infrared sauna is health and a sense of new forces, especially for those who can not tolerate the heat of traditional saunas, and sweating a person needs to have good and strong health.

Mini sauna and picoprobe

"cedar resort" — treatment-and-prophylactic mini sauna, a small and very comfortable which fits one person intended for carrying out of sessions of warm-up of the body with added healing aromatic balms.

 "Picoprobe" is also a bathhouse on one person, in which a steam generator is steam, saturated herbs. It's made entirely of real wood Siberian pine, and fabrication are only those trees whose age is more than 200-300 years. These are the cedars - centenarians retain a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to Your body.

the cedar Wood contains unique substances — phytoncides, which kill viruses and germs and give the air has a healing properties. Application during the session "Cedar health resort" special balsam (fir, mozhzhevelovo, eucalyptus, etc.), and the reception of "Picoprobe" — a decoction of herbs (oregano, wormwood, motherwort, thyme, etc.) significantly increases the health properties of these procedures.

the division were twenty-oak sessile fonts-barrels. These baths are valued for their analgesic, sedative, vasodilator action and is widely used for NDC, cash forms of hypertension, chronic nonspecific lung diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, etc.

Underwater shower-massage

Underwater shower-massage is performed in a bath with a useful volume of 375 liters. Fill the bath with water temperature 36-37 degrees and begin massage jet, strictly observing all the rules and simulating the basic techniques (kneading, stroking, etc.), traditional massage, excluding the region of the heart, mammary glands, scrotum.

In the water bath adds a special concentrates from European manufacturers of SPA products, (Peclavus Germany and Algotherm France), which is an essential composition with toning or lifting effect. The procedure lasts 20 minutes.

Arranged in our outdoor hot tub provides the possibility of obtaining a massage from nozzles located in the bottom and side walls of the bath. Using this version of the jets and adding a special bath concentrates, you can get a bubble bath with relaxing or toning effect.

Massage water jet causes a redistribution of blood, improves blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolic and trophic processes in the tissues, promotes rapid resorption of inflammatory foci in them, normalize the reciprocal relationship of muscles antagonists. Used concentrates increase the effectiveness of Spa treatments.

Whirlpool baths for the limbs

the Procedure improves blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolic and trophic processes in the tissues of the extremities. Whirlpool baths are shown with injuries and diseases of the peripheral nervous system (plexitis, radiculitis, mono - and polyneuropathy, nevrologii etc.), angiopatia extremities of different Genesis (atherosclerotic, diabetic, etc.), arthritis and arthritis of various etiologies without exacerbation of the process.

the procedure Time 15-20 minutes. The procedures are also used concentrates for baths.

Contrasting stone therapy (stone massage)

the Effect of contrast procedures:

  • Intermittent alternating hot and cold, has a pronounced stimulating effect on tissues and organs
  • Hot stones cause congestion, therefore, the influx of oxygen-rich blood to the tissues, and then the cold causes constriction of blood lymphatic vessels that promotes the excretion of toxins
  • Regular sessions contrast stone therapy to help the body adapt to the existing environment improve local and General blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, help people to heal physically, energetically and spiritually.

also in our sauna complex offers :

  • Billiards
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • table tennis
  • chair Massage
  • complete food: a light snack before the procedure and a full hot lunch (dinner) at the end.

Services of the bath complex

1.1"the Bathhouse on krasivsky" (Russian sauna, chair massage, swimming pool, Billiards, herbal tea, honey) (6 persons)1 hour 4360,00
1.2"Bathhouse krasivsky" (Russian sauna, chair massage, swimming pool, Billiards, herbal tea, honey) (6 persons)Each additional hour1000,00
1.3"Bathhouse krasivsky" (Russian sauna, chair massage, swimming pool, Billiards, herbal tea, honey) (additional person)1 hour400,00
1.4Wellness program "Russian Banya" (Russian sauna, coronary massage, hydromassage for hands, hydromassage for legs, foam hot tub, chair massage, swimming pool, Billiards, herbal tea, honey) (1 person)3 hours2000,00
1.5Wellness program "Infrared sauna" (sauna, infrared sauna, hydromassage for hands, hydromassage for legs, foam hot tub, chair massage, swimming pool, Billiards, herbal tea, honey) (1 person)3 hours1600,00
1.6massage1 hour1000,00
1.7Contrast stone therapy1.5 hours2000,00
1.8Infrared sauna20 min100,00
1.9Foam hot tub15 min200,00
1.13Coronary massage10 min400,00