The price of the spa package includes:

  • accommodation

in the rooms of the selected category (suite, category 1, apartment, presidential, cottage, in the block). All rooms have comfortable furniture, telephone, TV, refrigerator, bathroom with bath or shower, air conditioning;

  • power supply

four meals a day according to the ordered menu in the restaurant, dietary;

  • treatment

the appointment of the scope of diagnostic studies, types of treatment and the number of procedures is determined by the sanatorium doctor according to an individual program:

The list of medical services included in the cost of medical and wellness vouchers, depending on the duration of treatment in the sanatorium "Beautiful"

n/a no.Service1-3 days4-6 days7-9 days10-12 days13-14 days15-17days18-21day
1Emergency care+++++++
2Drug therapy in the scope of emergency care, in acute conditions, newly diagnosed diseases+++++++
3Emergency dental care+++++++
4Therapist's appointment11-222-333-44
5Reception of specialist doctors (physiotherapist, orthopedic traumatologist, chiropractor, endoscopist, urologist, obstetrician-gynecologist-++++++
6Psychologist's appointment-++++++
8Ultrasound examination-111111-2
9Endoscopic examination (rectoromanoscopy)--11111
10Clinical analysis of blood, urine+111111-2
11Biochemical blood test (1 indicator)+111111-2
12Classic therapeutic massage (1 zone) or underwater shower massage or hardware massage or shock-cam massage-2-33-46789-10
13Therapeutic baths (1 type)(pearl, with sea salt, coniferous,coniferous-marine, iodine-bromine, radon, dry-air radon, turpentine, dry carbon dioxide, phytovanna)-2-33-45-66-789-10
14Healing souls (1 type) (circular, Charcot, Vichy, ascending)-2-33-45-66-789-10
15Spinal traction (dry, traction)--23456
16Vortex baths of the upper/lower extremities-2-33-45-66-789-10
17Heat treatment (mud applications or clay applications or paraffinozokerite applications)-2-33-45-66-789-10
18Inhalations (1 type)1-2366-77-889-10
19Classical hardware physiotherapy (1 type)1-22-33-45-66-78-99-10
20Psychotherapy : group sessions of audio-visual relaxation+1-21-51-101-91-101-10
22Herbal medicinedaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekends
23Gym classesdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekends
24Therapeutic gymnasticsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekendsdaily except weekends
25Drinking treatment:the use of mineral water is "Beautiful"+++++++
26Diet Therapydailydailydailydailydailydailydaily

Legend value: "+" - according to indications

The list of diagnostic studies and medical procedures is prescribed by the attending physician of the sanatorium, taking into account the indications and contraindications to sanatorium treatment in accordance with the standards of sanatorium care approved by the orders of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia, in proportion to the length of stay in the sanatorium.

The attending physician has the right to decide on the mode of prescribing procedures - daily or every other day

Medical procedures are released according to the schedule of the six-day working week (on Saturday, only the water-mud clinic releases procedures: mud applications, clay applications, turpentine baths, coniferous baths, iodine-bromine baths, sea salt baths)

If necessary or desired, the patient can receive an additional number of procedures (in excess of the amount of sanatorium-resort assistance provided by the voucher) according to the current price list, subject to availability.

  • cultural and entertainment services:

concerts of artists of the philharmonic society, the center for musical art, other art groups, dance evenings, including with a brass orchestra, concerts for festive dates, contests, congratulations with the participation of amateur artists, musical evenings "Karaoke", creative meetings with theater and cinema artists, literary evenings, concerts with the participation of musicologists, literary critics, music and entertainment programs with an accompanist, discos, thematic lectures of medical personnel, watching movies.

  • services:

library, gym, gym, football field, volleyball and basketball court, well-equipped beach, local telephone service, luggage pickup.

Services for an additional fee, not included in the price of the tour:

  • medical:

consultation of an endocrinologist, consultation of an ophthalmologist; consultation and services of a psychologist; ultrasound examination of the heart and blood vessels; video fibrogastroscopy; daily monitoring; laboratory tests beyond the list included in the price of the voucher: biochemical, immunochromotographic, enzyme immunoassay(thyroid hormones, male and female cancer markers); densitometry; dental services; hirudotherapy; hyperbaric oxygenation; hydrocolonotherapy; acupuncture; ozone therapy; speleotherapy; intermittent normobaric hypoxytherapy on the device "Mountain air"; gynecological irrigation and tamponation; shungite baths, applications, inhalations; foam bath with licorice root extract; mini sauna "Cedar barrel", phytoparobochka; hardware massage, including with infrared radiation; cryotherapy general and local; general magnetotherapy, gynecological magnetotherapy, urological magnetotherapy; thermal magnetotherapy for the joint area; paraffin therapy of the face, hands, legs; local dynamic paraffin and keritotherapy of the upper extremities; kinesitherapy technology "EXARTA"; mechanical foot massage; general massage; manual therapy; relaxing massage of the hands, feet; SPA treatments; assessment of body composition (bioimpedance analysis).

  • at the service of vacationers:

water park, swimming pool, winter garden, zoo, outdoor tennis courts, billiards, table tennis, multimedia shooting gallery, gym (ground floor), fitness, Nordic walking classes, sports and water equipment rental, beauty salon services, manicure, pedicure, business center services, shop resort goods, post office, secured parking, laundry services, motor transport services, pond management services, excursion services, long-distance and international communication, discobar, phytobar, Vorsklitsa cafe, Noosphere innovation and business center, cafe on the beach, architectural monument "Round building", "Beautiful bathhouse".

    The sanatorium provides an opportunity for conferences, seminars, banquets.