Nursery sanatorium

Nursery ornamental fruit and flower plants is located near scenic spots Sanatorium "Krasivo".

a Wide range of fruit trees and fruit bushes will impress gardeners lovers, we offer a huge selection of cultivars of Apple trees and also pears, cherries, apricots and more.

wanting to turn his land into a fragrant flower experts are pleased to offer nursery conifers, flowering and variegated ornamental trees and shrubs - weigela, Potentilla, hydrangea, dwarf willows, barbarisi, Dali, etc., perennial and annual flower plants - Cannes, dahlias, chrysanthemums, a large selection of petunias ampelnoe Terry and forms, dwarf asters, gazania, cineraria... Our plants are not only pleasing to the eye, but also bring health benefits - there are Cossack juniper is a leader in the production of volatile, the lavender will fill your garden a pleasant aroma and helps to cope with stress, common hyssop is a very good antiseptic with a pleasant smell, like lavender is rich in essential oils.

vegetable Growers also will not remain without attention, the nursery offers a large selection of seeds and seedlings of vegetable crops at affordable prices.

you can also buy related * commodities - fertilizers and fertilization, protection of plants, soil.

We grow plants in climatic conditions of the temperate zone, therefore they do not require a period of adaptation, which is very positive effect on the quality of planting material is the main key to maximum survival of plants.

In the choice of plants you will help our specialists.

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