the Monument of the "Round building"

"the Round building" is one of the most interesting and yet enigmatic monuments. It is a unique work of cultural history, architecture that has no analogues in Russia. Since the Round building is surrounded by many fantasies and legends.

Who and why had built this bizarre structure, in that it would seem that wonder is not suitable for architectural frills place? Why such a strange form? What matters is the sound and hid two-meter wall? To shed light on these and other questions you can visit this amazing place.

Now the building is a Museum of ancient life, an art exhibition of the Belgorod artists, is equipped with facilities for theatrical performances and instrumental concerts of symphonic and folk music, from the top of the dome of the Church music and singing of the choir.

In the basement there is a café. Cosy room and live music fascinates from the first moment and leaves a mark in my heart. In the cafe restored cooking in the traditions of Russian cuisine.

the Unforgettable taste of baked milk, broths, pancakes with amber honey will energize and be reminded that there is a place in the Belgorod region, after a visit which remains in the soul magic, eternal magic beautiful.

ticket Price: adult - 170 rubles, children 70 rubles

Inspection: 70 roubles, children-40 roubles

hours daily from 8:00 to 17:00

closed Mondays

tel: 8(47261) 3-57-74