A blood test for glycated hemoglobin

A blood test for glycated hemoglobin

Our sanatorium constantly expands and improves the range of services. Now clinical diagnostic laboratory sanatorium can offer You to determine your level of glycated hemoglobin.

for a Long time, traditionally for the diagnosis of diabetes and assess the effectiveness of the treatment, the blood glucose was used as the only indicator. In the last decade, along with the study of blood sugar levels, widely used blood test for glycated hemoglobin, which allows you to track average glucose content in the blood plasma within the previous three months.

If your doctor has a suspicion of diabetes, this analysis needs to be done. It allows to identify diabetes in its early stages and begin treatment or to calm a person, if diabetes had not.

This important blood test is the most informative and convenient in comparison with a standard determination of the level of blood sugar. It is used to assess the quality of diabetes treatment for the preceding three months, which allows time to correct treatment and diet. This informative analysis is particularly relevant for doctors in our sanatorium, as it allows to trace the sugar level during the time that the camper was at home. And analysis to make recommendations for treatment and to adjust the visiting procedures of the sanatorium.

who says this test is optimal and necessary for follow up of patients with diabetes, who need to conduct a study of the level of glycated hemoglobin at regular intervals for 3 months.

in addition, this analysis has several advantages over the analysis of blood glucose and before the test on glucose tolerance. One of these advantages, it can be done at any time regardless of the meal, it is more efficiently and accurately allows to identify diabetes in its early stages allows doctors to understand how adequate hypoglycemic therapy was getting sick for the last 3 months and control your blood sugar levels.

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